Our desire to redefine workwear comes as much from our brand heritage as it does from contemporary craftsmanship. That's why we selected two ad hoc profiles for our Spring / Summer 24 campaign.

They are artist and illustrator Francesco Buonfino and bike frame builder Mirko Romanelli, founder of Romanelli Cicli. Two creatives who manage to combine their artistic visions with professional commitment.

Francesco was born in 1989, and spends his days in the Colla Super Art Gallery in Milan, which he founded a few years ago with 3 friends. He calls this space "unconventional and rebellious to the rules of the art world": a special place where he tries to reinvent reality, creating new perspectives on it and inviting his viewers to discover the beauty of everyday banality.

Mirko Romanelli was born in 1989 in Seregno. His passion for cycling evolved into the Romani Cicli project, founded in 2020. "I wanted to travel on two wheels together with my dog Bruna. In 2019 I created a cargo bike to make this dream come true. Without knowing it, I was laying the foundation for my project." Today Mirko makes custom frames for the entire cycling universe, paying attention to every detail.

Redefining workwear is a team effort, and Francesco and Mirko join Team CAT WWR, where contemporary subcultures, arts, and inspirations merge with passion, work ethic, and skilled craftsmanship.

Our SS24 collection is available on CAT WWR website, don't miss it.


Talents: Francesco Buonfino e Mirko Romanelli

Creative & Production: WNlab
Photo Gianluca Caldara