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The Journal

Redefining workwear is a team effort. CAT's team is made up of creativity and contemporary cultural movements, is a collective journey rooted in urban subcultures and street sports, alternative music and underground art. These are the stories of those who share our same vision. Discover them with us.

  1. Zampa - Rapper

    Culture passes through pioneers and their ability to imagine the unexplored, to travel roads yet traveled, and to see fullness where empty spaces h...
  2. Rob Cairns - Rider

    Fixed gear bike plays many roles in Rob Cairns' life. This London-based rider and content producer is connected like few other human beings to this...
  3. Adriana Iè / Singer

    It’s hard to find real truth in contemporary society. It’s even harder to describe it. To share it. It’s an almost impossible mission that Hip Hop ...
  4. Theo Fab / DJ

    "Culture definitely has an impact on everyone's musical cosmos. The people around you, their heritage and traditions have an impact on who you are,...

CAT WWR | Redefining original workwear